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  • IN COLOR: The November Newsletter is now available


    7:30 PM, Thursday, December 11, 2014

    2511 Eldridge Rd, Sugar Land, 77478, Eldridge Park Conference Center


    If You Build It…

    As we do every December, the BVARC general membership meeting will be devoted to the home brewers.  In December we welcome those courageous souls with their golden tool boxes, endless imaginations and boundless curiosity.  To the fearless hams who void warranties in the pursuit of the “what happens if…”, we will open the floor.  Come to the December meeting and bring the projects that you have been working on throughout the year.  Share your successes and if you are really brave, share the failures too. 

    We encourage everyone to come and support the tinkerers of the amateur radio hobby.  Perhaps you will discover a project to take on yourself.  So, come join us as we share in the creative inspirations of our fellow amateurs and partake in some excellent ham radio camaraderie.

  • November Meeting Recap – Chili and Politics

  • The weather during the November general membership meeting was perfect for a chili supper. We had twelve pots of chili, more cornbread then an entire ham radio club can consume and even a few tasty deserts. November is also our opportunity as a club to vote in our newest members for the Board of Directors.  Unfortunately, even with all of that excellent food, we were not able to get enough members for the quorum required to vote.  Therefore, the nominees were approved by those members in attendance and the current BoD will vote in the new members during the December BoD meeting.  As always, BVARC members are encouraged to come to the Board meeting and help contribute to the future of the club.


  • ELDRIDGE PARK RECREATION CENTER is off Eldridge Road just north of the West Airport intersection.  Here is an area map and a detail map.  (Doors open at 7:00.)

  • Board of Directors Location Change. BVARC Board of Directors Meetings held each month on the 1st Thursday will not be at the Fuddruker’s location. To begin in February on 2-6-14, The BVARC BoD meetings will be held at Bayland Park 6400 Bissonet in the Bayland Park Community Center in Southwest Houston. This move was made to better conduct BVARC BoD club biz and get away from the loud food fellowship entertainment environment.

  • Anyone wishing to contribute to the repair and upgrade of the 146.94 repeater may use the Paypal link in the right window on this page.

  • The club meets every month, usually on the second Thursday (7:30 PM) of the month, at the Eldridge Park Conference Center (see above).  Also, BVARC members frequent the 146.94 (167.9) repeater and hold a Public Service Net every Monday at 8 PM on 146.94 (167.9). In addition, BVARC sponsors a HF net on Wednesday nights. It meets on 3910 +/- 3 khz. This net is allows each member to comment on current events and includes club announcements. The Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club is a public service club serving Fort Bend County and Southwest Houston. The club was founded in 1978 and has been active in social events, license classes, administering amateur radio license tests. It provides support for city and county emergency management communication operations. Members provide support for many charitable events such as walks and bike rides.


This Week in Ham Radio - Today is : Friday Nov 28, 2014

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Real People to Contact:

Learning Things - Club Elmers Ross Lawler, W5HFF, Club "Elmer" w5hff@yahoo.com 281-342-3340
  Randy Pugh, AA5OA, Club "Elmer" rettveng@gmail.com 832-589-2741
Club Things Bill Stone WS5H, Club President dragntow@wt.net 713-776-1030
Newsletter Things John Chauvin, K5IZO, Editor k5izo@yahoo.com  
VE Testing Things John Moore, KK5NU, VE Liaison   temp down
Web Things Eddie Runner, NU5K web@bvarc.org 713-569-8799
Everything Else Things Cameron Mitchell, K5CAM mitchl@mitchl.net 281-565-4665


Latest Member Upgrades, Changes or Renewals

Name Call Sign Email Status Expire
Suzanne Runner  KF5GWZ sprunner AT txsoft.net  LIFE MEMBER   LIFE MEMBER 
John Chauvin  K5IZO k5izo AT yahoo.com    2015/03/01 
Michael Monsour  AC0TX msirc AT wildflower.net    LIFE MEMBER 
William D. Stone  WS5H dragntow AT wt.net    2015/11/01 
Jerry Muller  KF5EYC GMuller885 AT aol.com  MEMBER 2YR Board at Large   LIFE MEMBER 
Robert B. Tomlinson  N5JSL rbtswim AT gmail.com    2015/08/01 
Ron Litt  K5HM k5hm.ron AT gmail.com    2015/05/01 
Nathan Vessey  N5NYV n5nyv AT att.net  MEMBER 1YR Board at Large   2015/06/01 
Michael Wrenn  K5WRN michael.k5wrn AT gmail.com    2015/07/01 
Mark Braun  W5THC tejano714 AT icloud.com    2015/07/01 
Philip Hudson  WD5DAY phudson AT swbell.net    LIFE MEMBER 
Thomas Krahn  KT5TK thomas AT tkrahn.com    2014/10/01 - click to renew 
Bill Newton  KB5TAN billnewton AT earthlink.net    2015/12/01 
Christopher Newton  KB5BSA chris_newton AT earthlink.net    2015/12/01 
Mark McGrath  N5VCM mark AT mcgrath-co.com    2015/11/01 
Bud King  K5CEK ceking AT hal-pc.org    2016/01/01 
Darrell Kirk  KC5JAR darrellk_us AT yahoo.com    2015/12/01 
Anita Easter  SWL pauleaster AT pobox.com    2014/12/01 
Howard Hargrove  KF5EYX hharsc AT windstream.net    2015/11/01 
Bill Crews  W2WHC w2whc AT icloud.com    2015/11/01 


Membership Expiration Reminders

Name Call Sign Email Expire Renew
Greg Major  KD0FEP  Greg.b.major AT gmail.com  2014/09/01  - click to renew 
Hudson Hallenbeck  KE5DRH  hudson AT hallenbeck.org  2014/09/01  - click to renew 
Brian Bush  W5XBB  djdead+bvarc AT gmail.com  2014/09/01  - click to renew 
Charles L. Kimtantas  WB5EXI  wb5exi AT arrl.net  2014/10/01  - click to renew 
Thomas Krahn  KT5TK  thomas AT tkrahn.com  2014/10/01  - click to renew 
Willard Hood Jr.  KD5EKA  KD5EKA AT hotmail.com  2014/10/01  - click to renew 
Henry Blassingame  WB5FEA  hcblassingame AT gmail.com  2014/10/01  - click to renew 
Harold Mignola  K5HEM  kilo5hem AT gmail.com  2014/10/01  - click to renew 
David Brownlee  KF5YGF  dbrownlee AT rpm-services.com  2014/10/01  - click to renew 
Bill Cockrell  W5COC  bill AT billcockrell.com  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
Tom Gay  N5LHN  tom.a.gay AT gmail.com  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
Bob Hall  KF5BOB  bob.softball74 AT gmail.com  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
Andy MacAllister  W5ACM  w5acm AT swbell.net  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
David L. Northcutt  WB5KLH  davidlnorthcutt AT comcast.net  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
John Whiteman  K5LKJ  jw AT heatingtapes.com  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
Donald Scott Royall  W5RUA  Royall AT conchbbs.com  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
Jerod Kendrick  W5JMK  W5JMK AT me.com  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
Heather W. MacAllister  WB5RMA   w5acm AT swbell.net  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
WC Carter  KF5LQI  kf5lqi AT comcast.net  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
Scott McMartin  KC6JSM  KC6JSM AT yahoo.com  2014/11/01  - click to renew 
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