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(at 7:00 PM sharp)

.......QST, QST, QST.

This is _(call)________, net control station for the Brazos Valley Amateur

Radio Club Rag-Chew Net. This net originates from the Houston

metropolitan area and is a public service of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio

Club. This net meets each Wednesday at 7:00 p m on 3910 KHz (+/- 3 KHz).

All amateurs with license authorization for this frequency are encouraged to

check in each week.

If you do not have equipment or license authorization for this frequency, you

are urged to check in by telephone at _(give phone #)__ and you will be added

to our weekly roster.

This is an informal net to share information and make any announcements

pertaining to HF operation. The only thing that net control will be

responsible for is listing check-ins and giving each member their turn to

contribute to the net. Check-ins may call other stations directly without going

through net control.

This is __(call)__________ and my name is _(name)__. I am located in

__(city),__Texas____. The net is now open for any check-ins on the air.


I would like to remind all members about the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio

Club Public Service Information Net on the 145.47 or 146.94 repeaters

Monday evenings at 8:00 p.m.

Tonight we had _(# of)__ check-ins. I would like to thank all members and

visitors, who checked into the net, and encourage you to meet with us each

Wednesday evening on the net. This is _(call)_____ returning the frequency

back to normal amateur use.